Original Publications

At Human Trafficking Search we strive to collect, produce, and disseminate quality research that improves the ability of stakeholders to consider the nuances of human trafficking. 

An Unholy Alliance: The Connection Between Foster Care and Human Trafficking

By: Michelle Lillie

This paper examines the connection between foster care and human trafficking in the United States to address the very large gap in human trafficking literature regarding foster care and wards of the state.

Consider the Culture: A Series of Case Studies

By: Laura Shipler Chico

These case studies provide fictionalized accounts of victims’ experiences to shed light on the many cultural, political, religious, and social issues at play in each case of human trafficking.

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Protecting Children from Human Trafficking

Ed. By: Sarah Pierce

A Collaborative project between several organizations, this brochure is designed to inform parents, mentors, educators, and anyone else working with children about the importance of talking about human trafficking and ways to go about doing so.