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How to Use the Database

To search the database simply type your search terms into the search bar. Some recommendations for your search:

  • Use "quotation marks" around specific phrases.
  • Use a hyphen (-) in front of a word to exclude it from your search.
  • Add relevant words if you don’t see your result initially.
  • If you get too few results try removing some words from your query

Based on your search, each result will have a percentage next to it based on the item’s relevance. If you are looking for more basic information on human trafficking, try starting with our What is Human Trafficking? pages. 

The HTS database is a great resource once you are ready to learn more about more detailed topics. For example, you could search:

  • trafficking & native peoples
  • "domestic sex trafficking"
  • "guest worker visas"
  • "forced labor" in India

Student Research Guide

Are you a student doing a research project or writing a thesis? We created this resource for you! We hope it will aid you in the research and writing process.

Coming Soon.