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Note: These films or movies may contain graphic language, sexual content, and violence. While they expose the truth about modern-day slavery, they may not be appropriate for all audiences.


All The Invisible Children (2005)

Anonymously Yours (2002)

Born into Brothels (2004)

Call + Response (2008)

Cargo Innocence Lost (2007)

Chameli (2003)

Children For Sale (2003)

Dreams Die Hard (2005)

Dying to Leave (2004)

Flesh (2010)

Freedom and Beyond (2006)

Frontline: Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (2010)

Hell on Earth: Slavery Today (2006)

I Just Keep Quiet: The Voices of Human Trafficking (2006)

Iska's Journey (2007)

Kavi (2009)

Lives For Sale (2007)

Making of a Girl (2013)

Nefarious I: Merchant of Souls (2013)

No 556, 13th Lane, Kamathipura, Mumbai (2003)

Not For Sale: The Documentary (2011)

Not My Life (2013)

Promised Land (2004)

Slavery: A Global Investigation (2001)

Stop the Traffic (2001)

The Children We Sacrifice (2000)

The Day My God Died (2003)

The Price of Sugar (2007)

The Shanghai Hotel (2011)

The Silent Revolution (2007)

The Whistleblower (2011)

Trading Women (2003)

Trafficking Cinderella (2001)

Turning a Corner (2006)

Very Young Girls (2007)

Virgin Harvest (2008)