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  • Spotlight on Human Trafficking - WOWT

    WOWT 02 Sep 14

    Dozens at Turner Park kicked off the "Price of Life" week to shed light on human trafficking in Omaha. Events all week will expose the underground world and spread awareness about how victims can get help. Tuesday, nearly 100 people kicked off the ...and more » [ Read More ]

  • Human trafficking rises year on year in Cardiff - BBC News

    BBC News 02 Sep 14

    Human trafficking in Cardiff is increasing year-on-year, with women being exploited for sex and children forced to work, says a new report. The number of children at significant risk of exploitation in the city has more than doubled, new figures show ...and more » [ Read More ]

  • Human trafficking talk informs locals - Your Houston News

    Your Houston News 02 Sep 14

    This is a glimpse of the life human trafficking victims have to endure. The youngest human trafficking victim filed in the Houston area is only 8 years old while the average age is 12. Locals gathered Aug. 20 at the EMS Facility to learn about issues ... [ Read More ]



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